Picture PacksEdit

These are Zip file compressed packs that include only images from in-game. Please note that at least most of these packs are already loaded into Reference packs. If I could get some mirrors for these, I'd appreciate it because these are large files. Unless otherwise noted, all of these reside on Deadguy71's website, and have been checked for viruses.

Here's a straight list of what's currently availible, sizes are the Zipped sizes:

Human CharactersEdit

[Marines] 10.3Mb -- 05/21/08

[Marine helmet with Visor] .6mb -- 05/26/08

[Marine Pilot] 7.5mb -- 05/21/08

[ODST (Pack 1)] 3.3mb -- 05/21/08

[ODST (Pack 2)] 8mb -- 05/22/08

[Section Officers] 2.7mb -- 05/21/08

[Spartan Security Shoulders] 2mb -- 05/22/08

[Spartan (focus on undersuit)] 8.2mb -- 05/21/08

[Traxus Workers] 1.9mb -- 05/21/08

Alien CharactersEdit

[Brute Cheiftain (Red)] 26.3mb -- 05/24/08


Just a quick note about weapons in Halo 3. There is a significant difference between the standard models you see, versus the 1st person perspective of your own character. Not only is the weapon more detailed, but the paintjobs and even operation of the weapon changes. (Specific examples after the links)

[Assault Rifle] 7.8mb -- 05/18/08

[Flamethrower] 6.7mb -- 05/26/08

[Missile Pod Turret] 8.8mb -- 05/26/08

[Plasma Turret] 10.1mb -- 05/26/08

[Rocket Launcher] 8mb -- 06/08/08

[Sniper Rifle] 7.2mb -- 05/22/08

Example of 1st person vs. 3rd person actions/models/ and paintjobs:

In 1st person with the Rocket Launcher: To reload, you pop open the cradle, eject the old tubes, take a new set of tubes, and lift them across your vision to place it in the cradle. You can plainly see that the arrows printed on the barrels are aligned with the side of the tube while carrying it. When you fire, the tubes spin to allow the next tube to get into position. You'll note that the arrows are back in the same position they were originally, meaning that the arrows must be printed on both sides.

In 3rd person: To reload, you merely turn and face the launcher and seem to push buttons and stuff, and then you're done. The arrows are painted on top of the barrels only, instead of the sides. When you fire, the barrels don't spin at all.

Other Picture PacksEdit

[Oddball/ Flag/ Bomb] 3.4mb -- 05/26/08

[Crashed Pelican Interior] 7mb -- 05/26/08

Still NeededEdit

There are quite a bit still needed here, if you'd like to help by taking Halo 3 pictures, here's a tutorial to show you how:ReferenceHelp

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