This is the general discussion page for the wiki! It's hoped that some of you are here to add your input on how we'd like to expand this Wikia and maybe even help us get there.

The focus of this Wikia is the creation of Halo Costumes and props. Currently, most of the Wikia covers Halo Pepakura files, instructions, and reference packs, but there is very little being done in terms of articles covering other methods and concerns of costume/prop fabrication.

We have a Weapons and Props- Work-In-Progress section that currently houses links to about 100 weapons and props WIPs found on the 405th Forums. This is easily not even half of the WIPs on there and there's plenty of room to get more of them cataloged and added. There is also a Weapons Hub where all the information and resources regarding a specific weapon can be found. We haven't even begun to add the armor and costumes. I've just added the 405th Elite Projects in a Separate WIP Section, organized by date.

There was at least an attempt started to document some of the features found on Halo 3 Marines, to discuss them in terms of costumes, and we'd like to see more of that kind of thing. Also, have you found real world equivalent gear that might be a good match to what's seen in the game? If so, we're looking forward to an article about it.

Throughout this opening, I've mentioned "we" alot. "We" means you and the rest of this community that we're all a part of. Presumably you're here because you're interested in something found on the Wikia. It was put there by folks just like you, who KNEW there were people just like them out there. People that wished they had a place to find this kind of information. They liked the way it helped either inspire them to try and get busy in this hobby, or laid-out all the tools for them to get started.

It's really nice to hear you've help inspired to someone elses work, especially when it's right after you were blown away by their recent project. It's not something we all get a chance to feel, but when it happens, it's pretty damn cool.

Go ahead.. work on your project, and when you're done, come back here and inspire the next group. We'll be waiting.

Deadguy71 20:59, 7 May 2009 (UTC)

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