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All of the Elite permutations in alphabetical order. (see also Spartan Permutations)

Please note that in storyline terms, these articles are apparently written from the perspective of an Elite, after the Elites had left the Covenant, as found in the "armor selection" portion within "Halo 3 mulitplayer settings" and is copyrighted material quoted directly from that source. They are provided solely as research/ reference material.



With the return of our sovereignty comes the much needed revival of the Ascetics; now more than ever our culture depends upon their resolve to help ensure stability.

An Ascetic instills confidence in those loyal to the State and fear in those who would undermine it, to that end their actions are swift and their decisions final.

As the physical embodiment of ideological purity, an Ascetic's presence promotes feelings of stability and order, by example they will show each of us the true path.



Reissue of the pre-Covenant assault-class combat harness; reinforced aligned composites buttress principle protective stratum to preserve structural coherence of underlying tissues.

With the dawn of this new age, assault-class combat harnesses will once again be issued to our forces after having been denied for so long by the illegitimate treaty imposed upon us by our ancient enemies.

Ultra resilient deltoid protection aids in dispersal of concussive shock force As well as direct kinetic energy transfer, reinforces image of Sangheili physical/martial superiority.



The pattern of the basic infantry helmet has remained virtually unchanged now for eleven hundred cycles; it has burned into the psyche of the known galaxy as the primary symbol of military prowess.

The basic infantry combat harnesses' thoracic cage has allowed the fighting spirit of our noble race to burn brightly for fifty generations - even during the dark cycles whilst bound to the Prophets' will.

Iconic deltoid protection emphasizes silhouette at extreme distances to inflict momentary psychological bewilderment upon enemy personnel; reinforces awareness of Sangheili physical-martial preeminence.



Standard issue helmet for the newly formed Commando Unit based on pre-contact ground forces pattern; upgrades include hardened communications gear and uplink capabilities-and can do ur mom.

Streamlined thoracic(what the hell does that mean?) cage allows for greater maneuverability in close environments; lightweight construction materials and advanced internal components increase overall performance.

Distinctive deltoid protection calls to mind images of the heroes of the Second Illumination and their glorious successes throughout the Struggle for Ideological Purity.



Sealed helmet equipped with hyper-wave link for cleaner craft interaction; mouthpiece retains multi-port for use in older TARASQUE heavy fighters and GIGAS fighter bombers.

Less cumbersome cage utilizing aligned composites postpones onset of fatigue; explicit primary environment multi-port less restrictive than older helmet-based multi-port.

Compact deltoid protection has less impact on range of motion in cramped crew area of subliminal military craft; decreases overall fatigue during multi-phase interdiction missions.

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