• Casano117


    November 11, 2015 by Casano117


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  • GunnerScorch15


    August 13, 2011 by GunnerScorch15

    Sorry I used your page and helped someone and using this blog to message you but I was wondering if I needed permission to answer questions on pages. Thanks


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  • SaberWolf5

    Arbiter Armor?

    December 7, 2010 by SaberWolf5

    Why is it that the Arbiter's Armor is listed, but I can't download it?

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    July 4, 2010 by FREETHEMAN117

    hey i decided to use the spi helmet for my suit and was wondering if anyone has the chest or sholders for this suit?

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  • Saivaughn123

    odst info

    January 29, 2010 by Saivaughn123

    the meaning of a odst is Orbital Drop Shock Trooper [[Category:Odst are pretty much just like marines there just like your averige solder but they first started in halo 1 with the halo 1 marine armor . Then to halo 2 armor .Then to halo 3 armor now known as the halo 3 odst armor . There weapons are the Assault Rifle and the Battle Rifle ,the Magnum ,the Rocket Launcher,the Shotgun, the Sniper Rifle,the Missile Pod , the Heavy Machine Gun and last but not least the Flamethrower only in campaign mode. Now the UNSC Vehicles the first and only one the Mongoose. Now types of odst armor First is the odst, Then the UNSC Marine St.Johnson,Now the Marine pilot,Last but not least the UNSC Section Offices. Thanks for reading my blog on odsts and the …

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  • Anthonymfkitchens

    I love all the great work people have been doing on the weapons especialy the hd weapons and something i would love to see is a mauler pdo or maybe even a beam rifle i think theyve been absent long enough if anyone is wiling lets get it done !

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  • Reca117

    software needed

    November 4, 2009 by Reca117

    can anyone tell me what software you need to open the blueprint files exept pepakura

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  • Mw6


    i've just started building my helmet but am also picking out the rest of the suit.

    i want to build all HD models but i cannot find any HD THIGHS or SHINS anywhere.

    i've been on the 405 site and i've seen other people build them.

    i'm just wondering why its not posted on the index.


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