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Battlerifle Halo 3 Battle Rifle

Also referred to as the "BR55HB SR Battle Rifle".

According to information found on Halopedia, this two-handed rifle is 89.9cm (35.4 inches) long, and 21.2cm (8.3 inches) tall without the scope. It weighs in at 8.378 lbs (.5985 stone), and uses a magazine which holds 36 rounds.

Further Storyline information is availible here: Halopedia Information Page (external link)


See how members of the 405th Forums approached the creation of their own Battle Rifles, here, in their WIPS, and how some of them looked when completed, here, when they showed them off.

Blueprints are availible on the 405th Forums: [Wizard of Flight's Blueprints]

Pep files (.pdo's) may be availible: Pepakura_File_Index#UNSC


A Reference Pack is availible (hosted by vrogy): [Battle Rifle Reference Pack]

A Picture_Pack is still needed for this item.

To my knowledge, no 3d models (other than pep) are currently available for this item. If you are aware of any, please add a link to them from this page.