This is a quick Pepakura instruction regarding the scaling issue that many people have.

When you are making a pepakura part it may be far too big or far too small. This will show you how to adjust the sizes to make it fit you correctly.

1. Open Pepakura Designer 2. 2. Open 2d pattern window which is located at the top of the toolbar. 3. You will then see Scale up development, which makes it bigger, or scale down development, which makes it smaller.

You select the size, by measuring how tall the helmet should be, in-order to fit your head. Typically, the measurement is from below the chin, to the top of your head. It's important that you remember to include room to open your mouth, plus a little extra to deal with materials and any internal reinforcing or padding you might be using.

You then adjust the scale until the model height matches the height you want the helmet to be. You might also want to check out the width, but since the model stays in-scale with itself, it should be fine. Just remember, you need to be larger than your actual head, and can never be smaller.

You will notice that the right hand side with the sheets will become disordered. Rearrange it in anyway you like, making sure that the paper size matches what you're using, and ensuring that pieces don't overlap onto other pages. You can also do this with Weapons, and other pieces of armour.

More information is availible in the Pepakura Tutorial.

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